Sick (fit) notes

A doctor’s certificate (now called a fit note) is NOT needed for less than a week off work. The first 7 days absence from work can be covered by signing a SELF CERTIFICATE (Click Here). Your employer can supply these for you or you can obtain them from the job centre.

If your workplace / employer / school or college insists on you having a doctor’s note/certificate prior to 7 days absence please note that a private fee will be payable in advance.

If you are unsure whether you do need a sick note, the following advice from may be useful:

Please click here for the NHS guidance on sick notes.

If you require a sick note for a new problem and you have already self-certified for 7 days, you will require a GP phone call for this to be issued. Please note these are NOT classed as urgent therefore will be advised to book in routinely as the GPs are able to back date sick notes. The GP will then be able to issue you a sick note when they contact you.

If you are requesting an extension of a sick note you can email us or give us a call and we can request this for you. This request will be sent to the relevant GP to be actioned, this process will take up to 3 of the specified GP’s working days. If there are any issues or questions regarding your request we will be in contact to discuss.