Your feedback matters!

We welcome feedback on any part of the services we offer here at the surgery.

All positive feedback is shared with the surgery team and helps us to understand what is working and what we’re doing well. If you leave feedback about a specific member of the team, this will be shared with that person and kept for discussion in future appraisals.

All negative feedback is carefully reviewed by our management team and discussed at regular surgery meetings. This feedback helps us make plans on how we can improve our services. When many patients feed back about a specific part of our service, it shows us where the biggest problems are, and what we need to look at improving as a priority.

We are aware that the area patients most often ask us to improve on is our phone lines. We have received your feedback regarding long waits in the phone queues, the lack of hold music and the automated voice which you are greeted by when you call us.

We would like to offer assurance to all patients that we are listening to your feedback about these issues, and behind the scenes we’re actively working to fix the known problems and improve on the new phone system to improve your experience of calling us.

If you would like to leave anonymous feedback via the Friends and Family Test, please return to our home page and choose the middle panel which says “Friends & Family Test”.

You can also complete the Friends and Family Test in the surgery – test cards are available at our front desk. Please leave your responses in the post box to the left of the front desk.

You can also email your feedback to us (, or offer feedback when you call or come to the surgery.