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Test Results and Specimens

Please telephone the Surgery for test results. This can be done after 10:00am, Monday-Friday on our general enquiries line or appointments line. Please note out test results line is no longer in use. 

To ensure confidentiality we can only release results TO THE PATIENT PERSONALLY, not to spouses or partners or parents unless disclose to a third party has been agreed in writing. Administrative staff will be unable to interpret results but they can arrange for a Doctor or Nurse to phone you with more information and advice.


Please note all samples must be dropped in by 13:00 latest every day.

When bringing samples in to Albany Surgery please ensure they MUST be in an appropriate sterilised container. Either brought from a pharmacy or we can provide these from our reception desk. Please be aware if samples are not in the appropriate container we will refuse to take them.

Any samples that are dropped in can only be accepted if a member of the Albany Team has requested this and is documented on your record. Or if the hospital has requested you do this you MUST provide us with the hospital request form for it to be sent with the courier for testing.