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Ordering medication at Albany Surgery

Due the extremely high demands, please allow 3 working days from when you order your prescription for it to be ready to collect.

You are allowed to order medication 14 days early during the pandemic to ensure everyone has enough time to get requests in and do not run out of medication. The normal procedure is that patients are allowed to order 10 days early.

Please note that we can no longer fast track medication requests as we believe patients have a reasonable amount of time to be able to notice they are running low, and place an order. We would like to encourage patients to responsible for their own medication. 

Ways to order medication:                                                       

Online: By signing up to SystmOnline you are able to order repeat and acute medications also add additional notes, without having to come into the surgery or phone us. Click on the blue SystmOnline logo below for a direct link to log in, once you have logged in select the "Prescriptions" tab to go through with your medication request. 

Please be aware that when requesting medication via SystmOnline, if you add a custom request in the "Medication request notes" it will cancel out what you have ticked previously on your Regular/Recent Medication lists. The surgery will only be able to see what you have written in the "Medication request notes" and none of your ticked medications. If you require to make an additional note as well as request regular/recent medication please follow the following steps: Select "Request existing medication" > Tick the items you require > Select the continue button > On the following page there is another section where it will allow you to make customised notes. This is the appropriate section for all patients to write any additional messages for the surgery staff to action, NOT on page 1 under the regular medication tick boxes.


By hand: If you are not into the technology side of things don`t worry. You are able to write it on a slip of paper with your name, date of birth and medication you require. Post it through the letter box on the left hand side of our main entrance and we can process your request.

Please note we are no longer taking prescription requests over the phone.

Nominated Pharmacy

Did you know you can nominate a pharmacy for us to send all medication directly to. This saves you a trip to the doctors and then waiting in a pharmacy for your prescription to be made up. For more information give us a call on 01626 334411 and we can advise.

Pharmacies you can use:
  • Superdrug
  • Boots Courtney
  • Boots Greenhill Way
  • Boots Gestridge Road
  • Lloyds Pharmacy
  • Asda Pharmacy
  • Well Pharmacy
  • Buckland Pharmacy
  • Day Lewis