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Patient Participation Group

Thank you for showing an interest in the Patient Participation Group for the Albany Practice, otherwise known as a PPG.

Let me introduce myself. I am Michael Joyce and I am currently Chair of Albany PPG and a point of contact between the patients and the practice. You can find my contact details at the end of this article.

So what actually do we do on the PPG? We act as the voice of the patients, liaising between the patients and the practice, putting forward ideas, recommendations but not complaints. Complaints are dealt with the practice complaints procedure.

Some practices have just a virtual or on-line PPG but here at Albany we are fortunate to have both, enabling the PPG to reach and have contact with more patients of the practice and therefore obtain a wider consensus of opinion.

Virtual Group

The original virtual group is continuing to grow, and we wish to continue this growth and whilst also expanding our face to face group.

We are keen to draw in as wide a range of patients as possible, and particularly would like younger members of the practice and representatives of different ethnic communities in the town to be involved. It is important that everyone feels they can be involved in discussion of healthcare issues which affect all patients.

With all the changes that are happening in the NHS, local committees have been set up where patient representatives from many practices in Teignbridge meet to discuss and monitor the new systems which are being put in place. It is a two way system for communication which is still developing and as such it is invaluable for the patients of Albany to ensure that they have a link to the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) who are commissioned to provide patient services within Teignbridge.

Practice Surveys

The PPG continue to work with the Practice & staff to develop ongoing patient care. Click here to view our survey results. You will see members of the PPG assisting in this on regular visits to the surgery.

What we do:

  • Work closely as a team with practice staff
  • Work together with patients and practice staff to develop ideas to maximise patient involvement (we do not deal with complaints – there is a separate Practice Complaints Procedure for these)
  • Items are feed back to the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group)
  • Hand out questionnaires
  • Assist with flu clinics


  • A Core Group of PPG members meet regularly to discuss matters of interest
  • A small working Group then meets more frequently & with Practice staff

Click here for latest minutes and PPG report.

Let me introduce myself, I am Michael Joyce, Chair of the PPG (Patient Participation Group).

Some practices have just a virtual PPG, but here at Albany, we are fortunate to have both a virtual and face-to-face group. In my view this enables us to reach and have contact with more patients at the Practice and therefore obtain a greater resource of ideas and suggestions.

If you are interested in joining the group please make contact by any of the means given at the top of this page

Mike Joyce

Mike can be contacted by E-mail or Mobile 07712 668969.

Grace House, Scott Close, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1GJ
  • Telephone 01626 334411
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