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Your Annual MOT Posted on 2 Oct 2020

Covid-19 has changed our world and we are all having to work differently.  Here at Albany we are trying to embrace the changes and find a sustainable and efficient way to provide the best healthcare for you.

As part of this, we have worked hard to set up an Annual MOT approach to the management of long term conditions as well as annual medication reviews, blood tests and blood pressure checks.  This annual MOT will be linked to your birthday month.  Our specialised annual review admin team will be in touch the month before your birthday to organise collection of pre- appointment information via questionnaires and to book your required appointment.  We aim to gather as much information as we can to allow for a one stop shop approach enabling you to have only one face to face appointment with an HCA for all conditions if required. This information will then be forwarded to our practice nurses and GP’s for review.  They will then be able to follow up with telephone/video consultation or face to face, for those needing extra support, or input.  For those whose health is well controlled there is a chance we will be able to manage your condition remotely or via the phone.

If you need to talk to our specialised annual review admin team, once our new phone system is installed there will be a new option on our phone system which will put you through to the team managing this process.  We are excited about this process and feel it will help to improve management of long term conditions.

For this to work, we need effective ways to contact you, please consider signing up to SystmOnline, and making sure we hold up to date home, mobile phone numbers and email contact if you have these.